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The qPMO network develops four workpackages (WPs), each focusing on a specific aspect of the integration of Quality and Life Sciences research. WPs cover most Quality aspects of a Life Sciences research laboratory, and the products achieved can be transferred to other research laboratories.

High interconnection and interoperability among WPs is a key element of the project and contribute(s) to the creation of a “concept laboratory”, based on Total Quality Management.

The four WPs are:

WP1 Management of knowledge: Definition of guidelines for research laboratories and development of a web platform for the cataloging and dissemination of guidelines, experimental procedures, model systems and molecular tools.

Team Leader: Giovanna L. Liguori (IGB, Naples)

Team: F. Anna Digilio (IBBR, Naples), Giuseppina Lacerra (IGB, Naples)

WP2 Management of experimental procedures
: Quality methodologies for technology-transfer support.

Team Leader: Annamaria Kisslinger (IEOS, Naples)

Team: Anna Maria Cirafici (IEOS, Naples), Anna Mascia (IEOS, Naples)

WP3 Management of a research laboratory
: Quality Management System (QMS).

Team Leader: Antonella Bongiovanni (IBIM, Palermo)

Team: Marta di Carlo (IBIM, Palermo)

WP4 Management of multivariable assays
: Application of Design of Experiment (DoE).

Team Leader: Gianni Colotti (IBPM, Rome)

Team: Giovanna L. Liguori (IGB, Naples), Annamaria Kisslinger (IEOS, Naples)


Last Revision 10 February 2015

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