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Why this web-site

This website aims to be the expression of a VIRTUAL LABORATORY of Life Sciences where Quality and scientific practices can come together.

The qPMO network has created the quality4lab website to promote  a culture of Quality, knowledge sharing, procedural homogeneity and collaboration within the scientific community.

The website strives to facilitate the cataloging, sharing, and consultation of scientific resources, focusing on Life Sciences available at the Italian National Research Council (CNR).

Inside, you will find:

-  all the products and models developed by the qPMO network as support tools for Quality and knowledge management in scientific research, such as Guidelines and our Quality Management System (QMS) Model;

-  a collection of scientific resources, such as Protocols, Model Systems and Molecular Tools , available in CNR laboratories.


This site thus offers researchers a double opportunity:

-   to learn about and study in depth aspects and principles of the application of Total Quality Management to a scientific research laboratory, drawing on the experience of the CNR researchers belonging to the qPMO network;

-   to disseminate their scientific activity, increasing its visibility and creating new opportunities for networking and collaboration. To this end, all CNR researchers and those affiliated with CNR institutes can contribute protocols, model systems and molecular biology tools developed or used in their laboratories. Proposals for the inclusion of new types of contributions are welcome.



All the items presented are subject to a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial license . This means that anyone is free to read, copy, distribute, transmit and adapt the items, provided that attribution of the work is always given by its proper citation (please add the URL referring to the specific content) and that such re-use is not for commercial purposes.


Last Revision 16 January 2015

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