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The qPMO network develops and makes available models for the implementation of Total Quality Management to research laboratories.


qPMO is available for collaborations with other researchers or research networks, to

  • support the transfer and application of models produced in other laboratories
  • transfer its expertise on Quality and project management principles applied to research activity
  • identify new activities to develop in a coordinate way


The qPMO also aims to promote the diffusion and dissemination of a culture based on Quality and methodologies associated with it by organizating training courses and seminars



  • BioTTasa – Technology Transfer and the Integration of Biotechnology for Health, Diet, and the Environment CNR-DSB.
  • e-BioMolecular Laboratory (LifeWatch ITA) project, Institute of Biomembrane and Bioenergetics (IBBE), CNR, Bari


Last Revision 10 February 2015

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