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About us

The Quality and Project Management OpenLab (qPMO) is a research network involving 5 different Institutes of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), aimed at realizing a Total Quality Management (TQM) model for Life Sciences laboratories.



The time has come to integrate Quality and scientific cultures as both aspire to continual improvement. Applied to scientific knowledge and the scientific method, TQM can become a propulsive force for scientific research, allowing it to have a stronger impact on  societal development. Searching for the truth knowledge is the aim, Quality is the way, progress is the result.



Our mission is to develop and disseminate models and support tools for research management, contribute to the implementation of “best laboratory practices” and facilitate technology transfer, in order to make research laboratories more efficient and competitive according to modern international standards.

All models have been developed and applied by scientists engaged in basic or applied research and thus are calibrated toward the qualities and requirements of life science laboratories.



-       Innovation

-       Cooperation

-       Enthusiasm

-       Coherence

-       Excellence


Last Revision 10 February 2015

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