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How we work


From its earliest conception and development, the qPMO network has applied the principles, methodologies and tools of Quality, project management and teamworking. This approach has improved and sped up the definition of the project, and is supporting its execution, compacting the group and keeping its driving forces and focus on the objectives.


To set up the project, brainstorming, decision matrix and formal debriefing were used, together with Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA)/Deming circle and planning tools such as GANTT. For the development of the project, we based our activity on clear target definition, early planning (tasks, responsibilities, schedule, resources), validation, monitoring of processes and products. For the coordination of the project, we have taken advantage of periodic meetings, regular minutes of meetings, adequate records, the sharing of information and resource management.


The use of free informatic tools for teleconferencing and file sharing, along with the tight organization of meetings and labor, have helped us overcome the physical distance among the five sites involved.


All the participants active in the same WP really work together in a joint effort to create an effective team that is more than the sum of its single individuals and to make each one feel truly and deeply involved in the project. Moreover, the 4 teams communicate regularly with each other, so that each of them benefits from the experience and results of the others, reaching their goals faster.


This way of proceeding allows the qPMO team to work in a strong synergy and to gain awareness and control of management issues, standardizing procedures, identifying key levers for improving activities and optimizing the use of resources. The first tangible results were an increase in project performance, maintaining and, in some cases, even anticipate activity timelines, as well as the establishment of a climate of cooperation, enthusiasm and consistency, which are among the core values of the qPMO.


Last Revision 17 July 2014

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