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Workshop "Quality in scientific research”

On May 26th 2016 at CNR NA1 Research Area (Naples)

The time has come to integrate Quality and scientific cultures as both aspire to continual improvement. Applied to scientific knowledge and the scientific method, Total Quality Management can become a propulsive force for scientific research, allowing it to have a stronger impact on societal development.

A Workshop titled "Quality in scientific research: Models and Tools for Research Management" has been organized by the quality and Project Management OpenLab (qPMO) Network of the National Research Council of Italy. The Workshop will take place in Naples on May 26th 2016 in the CNR Conference Room at Via Pietro Castellino 111. The workshop has the goal to disseminate the models and support tools for research management that have been implemented in Science, starting from qPMO experience, and to promote a scientific debate on the introduction of Quality Management approach and principles into the scientific communities. At this aim, the workshop will put together scientists, Quality consultants, Auditors, Technology Transfer and Industries delegates.

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