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Home  |  News  |  Quality certification confirmed for the CNR’s MarLab
Home  |  News  |  Quality certification confirmed for the CNR’s MarLab

Quality certification confirmed for the CNR’s MarLab

The QMS formulated by the MarLab and the qPMO network passes its inspection for the 3nd year

The MarLab, at the IBIM in Palermo, the first and only CNR laboratory obtaining Quality Certification for “Research and scientific divulgation” (IAF 34, 38), had its third  inspection visit by Italcert, the National Certification Body, on 10 May 2016. The MarLab is managed by Dr Marta Di Carlo and Dr Maria Di Bernardo, and benefits of the expertise of Dr Antonella Bongiovanni, as Quality Manager, Dr Letizia Anello, Dr Loredana Riccobono and Mr Luca Caruana. The activity of MarLab concerns, on one hand, the housing, development and handling of small marine organisms (sea urchins) used as models for the screening of bioactive molecules and, on the other, it hosts education and disvsemination activities in the field of biology.

The internal audit, preparatory to the certification, was conducted by Dr Annamaria Kisslinger (IEOS, CNR) and Dr Giovanna L. Liguori (IGB, CNR), both founder members of the qPMO network. This year, Italcert confirmed the certification after three years of activity, evaluating the application of Quality practices and methods to scientific research. This year the audit focused on the visit of the marine area where divers handpick sea urchins are and on the application in Marlab of a supplementary method (sea urchin egg jelly coat removal).

Moreover, participants monitored Help4lab, a platform specifically developed for facilitating the scientific activity and the management of MarLab.  As already stated, the Audit monitoring visit has been successful, and confirmed for the third year the MarLab certificato ISO 9001:2008

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